Terminal Specifications

Fibreco receives

Wood pellets from various B.C. suppliers and grain products from a dedicated prairie supplier via rail for shipment to our international and domestic customers via deep-sea vessel.

Fibreco’s terminal

Is located on 9.3 hectares of land within the north shore of Burrard Inlet. We also lease a 5.8 hectare water lot from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority to accommodate the shipping berth. The terminal is one of the largest and most modern wood pellet handling facilities in the world.

We have six

4,500 metric tonne storage silos for wood pellets, which have a combined capacity 27,000 tonnes. Our pellet shed stores 17,000 tonnes bringing total wood pellet storage to 44,000 tonnes, or sufficient cargo to fully load one Handymax vessel.

Our ship berth

Can accommodate vessels up to 229 metres long with 12.25 metres draught. The conveyor and shiploader facilitate efficient loading. We are also able to accommodate Panamax vessels when requested.

Vessel BerthFeetMetres
Dock Face450137
Face from Bumper to Bumper370113
Dock Conveyor450137
Dock Width6018
Dolphin to Dolphin875267
Height from Dock to Loader4313.1
Edge of Dock to Pivot Point of Loader3711.3
Effective Reach of Loader72.522
Typical Beam of Vessels10833
Air Draft of Vessels5015.2 max at zero tide
Typical Length of Vessels656200 max 229
Typical Deadweight63000 mt


Conveyor LengthsFeetMetres
From 1st Silo to Dock1800548
From 15 Transfer to Dock1270388
Conveyor SpeedFt/MinM/Min
Conveyors to Dock900274


Diameter of Silos7221.9
Silo Storage Capacity4500 mt
Shed Height9328
Shed Dimensions250 x 24076 x 73
Shed Storage Capacity17000 mt


Shiploader Loading Rate1600 mt/hr


Railcar DumperFeetMetres
Maximum height15.64.8
Maximum length66.620.3

Vessel Tie Up Instructions

Handymax Vessel
Panamax Vessel

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