Terminal Enhancement Project

Fibreco has successfully served the western Canadian forest industry by moving wood chips and wood pellets to customers throughout the world for over 40 years. After phasing out handling wood chips in 2017 to provide longer-term sustainability and full terminal utilization, Fibreco began upgrading its facility to allow product diversification to include handling food ingredients for the international agricultural trade (grain and pulses).


Fibreco has received Development Permit approval from the District of North Vancouver and Project Permit approval from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority for the Fibreco Terminal Enhancement Project.


When the Project is complete our storage capacity will grow, which means we can store a wider variety of products, to better serve our customers as their needs change.  Our annual throughput will grow over time.  We will do this with fewer rail deliveries per year using longer unit trains.

Key Anticipated Project Benefits

  • Sustainability for a local business and job security for B.C. workers through diversification and reduced reliance on wood products.
  • Local economic benefits include an injection to the local economy, and anticipated annual indirect contributions.
  • Improved safety for workers and the community with modern handling equipment.
  • Improved air and noise emissions from rail unloading and from other plant operations.
  • More attractive site with physical improvements, newer equipment set back to best maintain existing viewscapes and reduced light impacts.
  • National agri-trade benefits with improved customer service through better turnaround times and by providing relief to Canadian agricultural producers and railroads with an additional outlet to export agricultural and food ingredient products to emerging Asia-Pacific markets.

Project News

February 9, 2018

Development Permit issued by the District of North Vancouver for Terminal Enhancement Project.

December 7, 2017

Project Permit issued by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority for Terminal Enhancement Project.

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